If you travel to Kyrgyzstan you will discover here there is a lot to do. This county is ideal to practice almost all touristic activities, same cultural and for rest, as free time activities, sports, adventure and outdoor activities.

Activities for all tastes

Choose your favorite activity or activities, and enjoy with us good adventures. You can hire with us any of them in a punctual way, or as a part of a tour.

Enter to watch all them in detail, and call us to reserve those you most like.

Activities in Kyrgyzstan - Cultural

Cultural activities

Actividades en Kirguistán - 4x4

4×4 cars

Actividades en Kirguistán - Motocicletas

Motorcycle routes

Actividades en Kirguistán - Escalada

Alpinism and climbing

Actividades en Kirguistán - Trekking

Trekking and hiking

Actividades en Kirguistán - Esquí

Ski trips

Actividades en Kirguistán - Rafting

Rafting and kayaking

Actividades en Kirguistán - Rutas a caballo

Horse riding

You didn’t found among those activities what you were looking for? There is always more than it seems. We have activities from the most calmed and picturesque, to the most extreme ones. Feel free of asking us about that special thing you want to do. Such a varied natural environment as Kyrgyzstan gives much more. You can be sure about it.