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AFA Travel in Planeta Calleja

¡Hello friends!

We share with you today from Kyrgyzstan some of the amazing moments of the TV program in which we collaborated.

Planeta Calleja (Calleja Planet) is a Spanish TV show, driven by the adventurer Jesús Calleja. During September 2021, Jesús accompanied by the famous Spanish actress Amaia Salamanca visited Kyrgyzstan and made a shooting of their adventures and experience for the program.


We were helping them while the shooting process, happy to be a part of the Planeta Calleja’s team during those days.

You can watch the TV show with the adventures of Jesús Calleja and Amaia Salamanca in Kyrgyzstan, and how it was the experience of our guests with the Kyrgyz people in the mountains, with a Kyrgyz family of nomad shepherds in Son Kul (height 3016 m.), overnight in a nomad yurt camp near the wonderful mountains, and their visit to Caravan Sarai, a meeting point for travelers which was from the XV century part of the Great Silk Route, and their rise to the Panda pass, at 4050 metres height.

Here we share the link to the TV show, despite if you are not in Spain you may need a VPN to watch it.

Do not miss Amaia Salamanca, in perfect phisical conditions, reaching the Panda pass in bicycle, nor the show of hunting with eagle, traditional and very visual, or the impressive views of Issyk-Kul lake.

How do you see? Wouldn’t you like to be in a trip like this one? They left quite happy, and we invite them to come back again when they would like, because, as our moto says, in Kyrgyzstan, there is too much to discover.

By the way… do you like horses? Remember, with AFA Travel you can ride in the Kyrgyz mountains as a real nomad.

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