Kyrgyzstan. Too much to discover!

Before travelling to Kyrgyzstan is good to have a little bit of basic information. We offer you here some general drops of what you will find.

This is Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz Republic is a country in Central Asia, which was a part of the former Soviet Union and went independent in 1991.

Despite of being landlocked by mountains and geographically isolated, it was in times, part of the Great Silk Road.

Nowadays is a growing economy with a democratic regime, and its people combine the modern style of life with their ancient nomadic traditions.

Travel around Kyrgyzstan with us and you will be amazed by the singular beauty of this extraordinary country.

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10 reasons to travel to Kyrgyzstan:

The richest nomadic culture.
With traditions kept from many centuries ago.
The rests of the Big Silk Road.
3 of its routes passed through Kyrgyzstan and still you can admire the remains of that civilization.
3 peaks over 7000 metres.
Lenin (7,134), Poveda (7,439), and Khan Tengri (7,010). The paradise for mountain climbers.
Beautiful diverse nature.
Amazing flora, fauna and landscapes. Mountains, millennial forests, lakes, wild rivers, glaciers, natural reserves, unique species.
The Epic of Manas.
The largest epic poem kept in oral tradition, with more than half million lines. It condenses all the Kyrgyz culture. You can listen part of it from the voice of one of its few performers, the “manaschi”.
High-mountain lakes.
More than 2000 lakes. Set on highlands, surrounded by mountains, forests and pristine nature, Issyk-Kul, Son-Kul and many others.
Winter Tourism.
Kyrgyzstan is considered the second Switzerland and is popular for its winter resorts. All types of categories, slopes and environments with amazing landscapes for both amateurs and professionals.
Shyrdaks. The Kyrgyz national carpets.
Totally handmade felt processed in artisan ways. Each piece is unique. Their average lifespan is 100 years. Kyrgyz consider their shyrdaks as one of their more valuable household items. You will also find many other delightful handicrafts.
The 4 seasons in one day.
Travelling around Kyrgyzstan you may see snow, rain, sun, wind, heat and cold, all in the same day. You can swim in a lake and play with snowballs independently of the season of the year.
Visa – Free traveling from many countries.
Kyrgyzstan has a visa-free regime for citizens of 62 countries. A special permit is required to visit specific border areas.
Kirguistán en el mundo

Visa system

Kyrgyzstan has a visa waiver regime for citizens of 60 countries with a duration of between 30 and 90 days. Among these countries are most of the countries of the European Union and North America.

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Since September 1, 2017, the Kyrgyz government has launched the “Electronic Visa” system.

This allows citizens of other countries that need a visa to submit their application through the Internet. The request only takes 3 working days to be processed. The visa can be paid on the website with VISA or MasterCard.

The “Electronic Visa” system is available for arrivals and departures through three checkpoints: the Manas International Airport in Bishkek, the Osh International Airport and the “Akzhol” border post on the border with the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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Multi-day tours


The culture and spirituality of the Kyrgyz people are very interesting and cognitive. Their customs, traditions and history do not leave anyone indifferent.

The unusual energy and originality of the people of Kyrgyzstan are reflected in their folk art, song, dance, national games, the creations of local artisans, national clothes, cuisine and their peculiar form of traditional accommodation (the yurts).

The Nomadic World Games are held in Kyrgyzstan every two years and are a sporting and cultural event that brings together all the countries of nomadic tradition.

In addition to the official activities scheduled, in the country this event is lived with great enthusiasm, so that at that time the nomadic culture comes to light throughout the country.

Naturaleza de Kirguistán


Kyrgyzstan offers a unique opportunity to enjoy nature in its purest form. 90% of the territory of Kyrgyzstan is covered by the mountainous systems of the Tien Shan and the Pamir.

The Pobeda peaks (7439 m), Lenin (7134 m) and Khan Tengri (6995 m) are part of these mountain ranges.

The Kyrgyz Republic is a sunny country. In this wonderful natural environment we can find rivers and mountain streams, huge snow fields and wonderful valleys and gorges covered with alpine flowers.

The glaciers occupy 4% of the national territory. There are more than 8,000 glaciers in Kyrgyzstan measuring the largest, 60.5 km.

Gentes de Kirguistán


The hospitality of the Kyrgyz is one of the main virtues of its people. This hospitality comes from antiquity.

For centuries, most of Kyrgyzstan’s population has lived a nomadic lifestyle, this is changing in the last century, but helping the traveler who seeks shelter is now part of their culture.

Travelers on the silk route who passed by a yurt of a Kyrgyz family did not leave without first sharing with their owners the bread and the national drink based on fermented mare’s milk, the kumuz.

Family traditions, which have evolved over the centuries, reflect the wisdom accumulated by many generations.

The Kyrgyz people show great respect to the elderly, especially the parents.

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