Annual winter expedition to Son Kul 2023

Recently it has finished our yearly winter expedition tour. Our group came from Spain to spend 5 days in the frozen lake Son Kul, sleeping in tents and in warm yurts (the national nomadic mobile house).

Son-Kul is located in the northwestern part of the Naryn region at an altitude of 3016 meters above sea level. The lake is the second largest and the first natural reservoir in Kyrgyzstan in terms of fresh water reserves. The lake is 28 km long and 18 km wide, the greatest depth reaches 22 meters.


This region is very cold in winter, snowy and with a lot of precipitation. This makes the lake inaccessible, since at this time all roads leading to the lake are closed and the lake itself is covered with a strong layer of ice.

The group reached the lake by ski and by horses and overcame all the natural difficulties and challenges. Good job, we are proud of all them!

Do you like winter activities? We too!

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